Reliable PII with excellent customer and claims services, for less than your current policy?

We work with a wide range of insurers and using this and our market knowledge and expertise, we find the right fit for your firm.

We can use your existing proposal form as a starting point for discussion to understand your business profile and risks. As an independent broker, we work on your behalf to match your firm to the right Insurer. In doing this we take account of Insurer's risk appetite, policy features, financial strength, market commitment and claims approach.

Sustainable commission levels

We work to find you an effective policy at a realistic price, with our income being a secondary consideration.

Broker services can be a significant hidden cost within your total premium, and when more of the premium is retained by your broker, Insurers receive less to cover claims. Our agreed commission levels allow us to serve you effectively, ensuring that the majority of your premium reaches your Insurer.

Our 'sustainable commission' approach to solicitors professional indemnity insurance is unusual among brokers and reduces the amount of commission you pay.

Ask your broker how much they earn from your business – they have to tell you and you may be surprised!

Customer and claims service

Our customer service was rated excellent by all survey respondents in the last year.

Our claims service means that you aren’t left alone to deal with Insurers and our approach has changed many claims outcomes in favour of our clients. You receive 24-7 access to our online claims system, which can also handle your legacy claims, enabling us to identify overpaid excesses. These overpayments can be reclaimed from insurers. 100% of survey respondents last year were ‘very satisfied’ with our claims service.

Specialist solicitors PII broker service that look to safeguard YOU:

  • Independent broker acting on your behalf (not the Insurers).
  • PII advice and support from experts, experienced in working with the legal profession since SIF. Click here for more detail:
  • Longer term policies available.
  • Outsourced compliance support available from our network.

We can save you money NOW:

  • We have Insurers looking to grow their Solicitors PII business.
  • Reduced 'sustainable commission' levels for placing your policy. Keeping your costs affordable.
  • Fee scale for support with legacy claims prior to our engagement and other services.

And over the long-term:

  • Claims guidance and support to get the best outcomes for you.
  • Market intelligence to help ensure you make informed choices.

Most of our legal clients have entrusted their PII to us for many years as they have experienced the benefits that our approach delivers.

We work for you, not for insurers.

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